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The Coffee Shop Series

Coffee Shop Girl

The first book in the Coffee Shop Series.



This coffee shop is going to kill me.

Sure, it’s my dad’s dream. If he hadn’t died eight months ago, I wouldn’t be here, a college drop out, trying not to drown in debt.

Nor would I be staring into the muddy eyes of a viking-sized man that’s telling me everything I’m doing wrong—as if he knows so much about business in a small mountain town.

Except he does.

And when the biggest, most unexpected surprise of all falls in my lap, I’ll have no choice but to ask for his help.

Time for some power lipstick.



This girl is drowning.

She might have eyes like glacier pools and hair so black it’s glossy, but that doesn’t mean she knows how to run a coffee shop. She’s drowning in more than debt, interest, and credit card payments.

She’ll never make it.

But I kind of want her to.

Because underneath that bright lipstick and those sun dresses is a woman that I have an uncomfortable feeling is about to rock. my. world.


This is a clean, Contemporary Romance with sizzle and spice – but no sex scenes. Guaranteed bantering and happily ever after.


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The Health and Happiness Society Series

Dive into a vat of cupcakes and some serious food fiction—mixed with a little girl power—with the Health and Happiness Society Collection.


1,000 pages of connection, enduring friendship, and drool worthy food awaits you.


The Health and Happiness Society started out as a dieting accountability group . . . but became so much more. Join five women on their individual paths to conquer their vices (cookies being one of them) and learn how to connect with themselves.


You’ll find the following novels:



Connect with other women that struggle with self esteem, insecurities, emotional eating, calorie counting, food addiction, and the difficulty of forgiveness.


You owe it to yourself.


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Meet the Author

Writing stories about women finding themselves is my passion. Okay, food too. LOTS of delicious food. I write so you can sink into a new chance. Experience single life again. Savor that scrumptious cupcake. Meet that unexpectedly perfect guy. And absorb the sugar in those bakery-sweet goodies.

I write so you can enjoy that zest of life again.