A New Romance: Not Quite Friends-to-Lovers or Enemies-to-Lovers

A New Romance: Not Quite Friends-to-Lovers or Enemies-to-Lovers

Home With You by Claire Cain A Rambler Battalion Novel

This book successfully straddles the line between enemies-to-lovers and friends-to-lovers in a way that makes it feel very different and fresh.

Of course, Claire’s amazing writing style came through super strong on this one. (Just like As You Are, another one of her books that I devoured.)

It skillfully and tactfully tackled yet another angle of military life.

Here’s the sticky situation: Often, a service member wants to promote through the ranks, but feels pressure from family to get out and really has put their life off in order to serve their military career.

In books, you see this all the time from the perspective of the service member. But, rarely do you see the side of the spouse left behind, supporting their partner.

Claire tackles some really difficult problems that come out of military life that you don’t have to be a military spouse to appreciate.

Really, though, this book is still just about knowing who you are and what you want. #justsayin

This one has even more sizzle and spice in the romance department than the earlier books in the Rambler Battalion series, but it’s still super clean while not being Christian.

I love it. So. Much.

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