Apple Strudel Muffins

Apple Strudel Muffins

Did you know that egg yolks can be white?

Yeah, I didn’t either. UNTIL THIS DAY.

These Apple Strudel Muffins were delightfully easy to bake, the problem ended up being WP. (Warrior Princess, my daughter). She’s so blasted adorable that I couldn’t stop taking pictures of her laughing at me as I attempted selfies.

Honestly, taking selfies is awkward. You see the proof in the photo.


Picture it: It’s Valentine’s day . . . and I’ve obviously forgotten about it.

WP wakes up a little early from her nap, and LM is at school, so I take a break from writing to make the returning preschool hero a little treat. Grating the green apple makes a zesty, tangy smell spritz into the air. The batter smells like cinnamon, nutmeg, and brown sugar. My mouth is drooling. I don’t partake (diet issues), but I savor the delicious smell and the sunlight streaming into the kitchen in long, buttery lines.

WP plays with a Yoda spatula and screeches, then effectively distracts me every time I attempt to take a food picture. There are way too many pictures of her giggling on my phone now. I know she was laughing at me trying (and failing) to take pictures of myself.

Just the name “Strudel” makes me want to watch The Sound of Music, so I was super stoked about this recipe.

It was the perfect Valentines Day treat for LM. (Little Man, my oldest).

The ease at which they came together was almost criminal, and the warm smell of apple in my house? Perfection.

Also, these muffins texture wise—spot on.

Thanks to this challenge, and to Kim, I’ve figured out how to bake at 7500 ft elevation—so they didn’t fall and look really sad!

Husband and LM approved.

Honestly, this is one of those recipes where there just isn’t a ton to say—the proof is in the super pillowy muffin and delicious strudel topping that graced the top.

This is the perfect Sunday morning breakfast!

Grab your copy of the cookbook here:

You’re perfect as you are right now.

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