Chocolate Covered Eclairs

Chocolate Covered Eclairs

Eclairs seemed like the best way to ring in the new year.

Never mind that I’ve never done them and could barely pronounce ‘choux’ pastry. (Hint: it’s shoe.)

Picture it: The temp outside has just dropped to -10. It’s New Years Eve. Husband is standing at our high counter, watching hunting videos on YouTube. The kids are asleep. The puppies curled up. The scent of bourbon vanilla drifts in the background.

I have the Great British Baking Show: Masterclass playing in the background to give me courage.

In my hand is my new Star Wars spatula—a Christmas present that, even though I’m not an uber fan of the IP, is bound to give me success.

The sound of Paul Hollywood’s voice talks me through it even though we’re on totally different recipes.

(Thanks, Netflix!)

Not to mention the soothing tones of Mary Berry who we all, let’s collectively agree, want to be our grandmum.

Also, yes.

That is my daughters Bumbo seat.

Yes, I used it as an elevated laptop stand to protect The Great British Baking Show from flying cream.

The most stressful moment of this recipe was making the pastry cream. It just. wasn’t. coming. together. Kim gives really detailed instructions, but my cream was not thickening, babe.

I nudged the heat up. Stirred. Waited. Waited. Waited.

Then it did! All at once! Panic!

Actually, I thought I’d scrambled the eggs because it happened in a flash and I’d curdled it after what felt like HOURS of stirring.

Nope. #nailedit

The thing that gave me the most pause was trying to rig a piping tip—cuz I sorta jumped into this recipe without a lot of preparation. In the end, I cut up one of LM’s old pouches (the kind you can put applesauce in) and using the nozzle.

With a rigged Ziploc bag, it worked like a charm.

To be totally honest, filling them was a lot of fun. I liked feeling the weight difference.

Dipping them in the chocolate? Too easy.

Also, I wore an apron.

I set the eclairs outside on the porch to firm up the chocolate. They were outside a few minutes, but at -10, was just what they needed. We will not discuss how many were eaten.


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