Coffee Shop Chat with Catherine

Coffee Shop Chat with Catherine

Let’s talk about something that everybody loves to talk about: weaknesses.

Just kidding, who loves that?

In this video I chat with Catherine, my blue-haired and totally brilliant editor, about the conception, pitfalls, and stumbling blocks in the drafts of Coffee Shop Girl.

Catherine and I have been in this together since the very beginning, so nobody knows my writerly weaknesses better.

She’s the best work wife. #srslytho

Honestly, I could not have brought any of my books into your hands without her.

Full disclosure: I adore her.

Click here to watch Catherine and I giggle our way through this honest conversation about just how difficult writing can be.

Coffee Shop Girl is a milestone: my first Contemporary Romance novel.

And Catherine has been invaluable in taking it apart and putting it back together.

Coffee Shop Girl, the first book in the new Coffee Shop Series, comes out on October 4th!

Click here to add it to your Goodreads!

It’s available for preorder now at your favorite retailer.

Or you can preorder Coffee Shop Girl right here—and get the book a whole week early. The book launches October 4th, but for those who preorder their book at this link, you get it September 27th.

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