Easy-to-Read and Immersive Coming-of-Age Novel

Easy-to-Read and Immersive Coming-of-Age Novel

The Education of Margot Sanchez by Lilliam Rivera

First of all, the cover is STUNNING – that’s part of why I picked it up.

This YA coming of age novel follows Margot Sanchez, a teenager who is carrying this heavy legacy in her family of being a success.

She’s a young Hispanic girl, living in Brooklyn. Her father owns two grocery stores. They’re an upper middle class family, that are putting a lot of pressure on her to succeed.

She’s stuck working at her father’s grocery store in the Bronx over the summer while her friends are having fun on the beach. She feels like she’s totally missing out and fears they might forget her.

It was such fun to sink into this culture and also appreciate some of the difficulties and pressure that was on Margot because of her history, where she lived in the US, and what her parents want for her.

I really loved this viewpoint. It was fun to live through Margot and be a teenager again.

At first, I wasn’t sure I’d like Margot, but she really grew on me. Once I realized that her desperation to fit in really came from a regular teenage place – we’ve all felt that way – and was compounded by the pressure form her family’s expectations to excel when she really just had a different idea of what she wanted. Her priorities were different from her parents. I think every teenager faces that.

A delightful book. A refreshing read.

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