If you’ve been with me a while, you know I believe in a give and take equilibrium, not precise balance. 

Maybe it works for you, but I feel like balance is just too restrictive in my chaotic life.

When I work towards “balance,” things are bound to spiral out of control. And then I just feel bad. 


Imagine: if you try to balance your daily responsibilities, inevitably life will take you by surprise. You’ll lose power and not be able to go to an online meeting. Your partner will get a new job and you’ll have to move. You’ll feel super inspired and productive for a while and then not at all. Your kids will have a snow day home from school.

It’s not about weighing self care, family, work, and everything else against one another to check them all off every day…

It’s about keeping those opposing forces in check. Making sure that you are in control. That you pull these things together, rather than letting all of your responsibilities pull you apart.

Those are some Big Thoughts, but you get me, right?

It’s about equal rates of change. 

That’s what I talked about with Mark Lefebvre, Director of Kobo Writing Life, in this podcast. He interviewed me about writing, productivity, and that #authormomlife equilibrium.

We talked strategies for writing through a busy life (like literally typing while holding a baby), getting really good at multi-tasking, and becoming a religious planner. 

#srslytho you should see my schedule. Every minute is assigned.

Comment down below how you make what matters to you a priority.

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