Isn’t it Romantic?

Isn’t it Romantic?

I started this movie on kind of a desperate binge one night.

I was tired of reading romance books. I needed a break. I just wanted something light and fluffy to make me laugh.

I was home alone, my kids were sleeping. Husband was off at Firefighter training. I just wanted something different in my week.

Because I read so many books I rarely watch movies or Netflix (except the Office which I watch way too much – I just leave it on in the background sometimes).

But that night I wanted something different.

So I bought “Isn’t it romantic” on iTunes, snuggled in on my bed beneath a blanket.

I love Rebel Wilson. I love that she’s quirky and hilarious and she doesn’t ever apologize that she’s not the perfect model size. I love the leading role she took on in this movie, even as producer!

I was excited about Rebel’s positioning in this film, especially because of who she is, and the opening scene caught my attention. It was immediately relatable.

I also loved that she was an architect, a leader at the company, even though she didn’t really know how to be a confident one.

Overall it was such a fun movie because it totally makes fun of romances and all the clichés that go along with it. Like falling in love completes you, and it goes against that.

Plus, it never hurts when a Hemsworth brother is the love interest.

There’s also twists along the way that make you love it. Really good foreshadowing for any of you authors out there. It’s fun to watch this movie and learn some pretty big, obvious ways to foreshadow that you can use as you write.

It had an awesome cast, but most of all it was a really fun, light watch. I was giggling so hard.

Husband came home from training and I was just sitting in bed laughing, almost crying.

At the end I felt so refreshed. It was such good self-care. My bucket was totally filled.

It was a fun, lighthearted movie to watch. It made me love Rebel Wilson even more.

This was the self-care that I needed.

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