Know Your Power

Know Your Power

What does it look like being a writer and a mom?

Or a parent and a busy person? Or someone with a full schedule who wants to achieve success amidst the humdrum?

Well, honestly, it usually looks like a mess.

Having both my writing and a family were nonnegotiable. If you know me, you know I believe in equilibrium, not balance. You cannot pour from an empty cup, so to speak.

After I had my son, Little Man (LM), that meant my definition of success had to change. Some days I joyfully emptied my cup with him and had nothing left when I sat down to write. Others, I wrote before he rose with the sun or Husband watched our son and gave the space to go for a hike and refill.

I had to cut down on expectations.

For me, that meant publishing one book a year. It was still a big goal, but a reasonable one.

Before LM, I didn’t know what life would be like as a writer and a new mom. So, I assumed I wouldn’t be able to do anything. That meant anything I did was awesome.

Sounds like a nice way to live, right?

It’s all about knowing your power and growing around your limitations.

Check out this podcast from just after I had my first child, LM (Little Man). It’s a chat with Daphne James Huff at Writer Mom Life Podcast. 

Together, we discussed diversification, self-publishing, and what it takes to be a successful writer mom.

Because being a successful writer, businessperson, or anything else does not stop when your life changes.

Maybe that shift is a kid, like it was for me.

But maybe that’s an illness. Or a new pet. Or a different job.

Perhaps your world changes. In an instant.

All you can do in the aftermath is your best.


Refill your cup and pour it out with joy.

Here’s that link again to tune in to Episode 6 of the Writer Mom Life Podcast:

Comment below something that fills your cup, that reminds you of your power.

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