Peanut Butter Cups

Peanut Butter Cups

I’m smarter than I give myself credit for (even in the kitchen), but even so, I approached this recipe with serious trepidation.

Despite Kim’s easy instructions and no-nonsense steps (it’s seriously so easy), the idea of making something so widely popular had my knees trembling.

Not to mention my edict to stay away from sugar for awhile.

Really, I think all of us are afraid to fail on some level, right?

Whether it’s in eating good, creating delicious concoctions, or just getting your hair washed that day, “failing” is never a good feeling.

Sugary PB slathered in chocolate? Not diving face first into that wasn’t easy.

For the record, I did break protocol and eat 1 scrumptious peanut butter cup. That was no failure. It was deliberate and I enjoyed every bite (and felt pretty sick afterwards). #Idigress

Picture it: Husband walks home from our mountain Gas and Groceries and sets a brown bag on the counter with the only words of explanation, “For when the situation is right.” Sun is streaming through my windows when I glimpse in the bag—muffin liners, chocolate chips, and graham crackers. I lift one eyebrow and say, “You want me to do the peanut butter cup recipe, don’t you?” He only grins.

While he’s out on a hike, I throw it together. WP (Warrior Princess) is happily shrieking, eating a spatula, while I’m trying to multitask whacking graham crackers to dust with a rolling pin while LM insists I call him with my imaginary phone to put out imaginary fires every 12.5 seconds. While cold outside, the house is warm, the sun is bright, and the day is a good one. Using my break from writing—and smelling chocolate on the air—is a lovely time.

Don’t be scared. These are easier than you’d think.

Also, grind those grahams up really good. Like dust.

I ended up using way more chocolate than I probably needed to (is that a thing? I mean . . . really?)

Plus, the recipe makes lots of the peanut butter filling, so I’d recommend cutting that in half, or preparing yourself for some peanut butter bars. I threw the extra on some parchment paper, flung it into the fridge, then poured the extra melted chocolate chips on top. #forthewin

Husband and LM were big fans—they were gone by the next evening. With the rich PB mixture to chocolate ratio, these are basically indistinguishable from Reeses.

Lexie approved.

Also, if these look good, just you WAIT. I’m making the Oreo cake for my birthday and it. is. a. beauty.

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You are PERFECT the way you are. Right now.

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