The Mind & Body Challenge

The Mind & Body Challenge

I’ve had this feeling messed up big time when I wrote Bon Bons to Yoga Pants.

The guilt has dogged me for a while now, and I sort of feel like I should come out about it.

In truth, I feel like I might have failed you.

Lexie is at a stage in her journey that I was once in, but I’m not anymore. In fact, I look back and think, I would never tell any woman to calorie count. To do weekly weigh-ins.

That’s where my guilt comes in.

And as much as we identify with her struggles, none of us are perfect.

If you want to hear more about it, watch the short video below where Tiffaney and I discuss my guilt over writing a book that I don’t think has sustainable activities, and what HAS worked for me. The only sticky thing I’ve ever had so far.

Because we all want to spread the love.

If you’re ready to join the party with me, just click here.

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