Becoming Greater

Becoming Greater

Winter Heat by Julie Strauss

What I loved about Winter Heat is it’s a story about an author, Raven Darke, that is doing extremely well.

She writes romance books about this guy that does pottery on youtube. She just sees his hands and arms in these videos.

Honestly, Raven is totally stalking him by writing these stories with him in it.

He knows that someone does this, but doesn’t know who she is because she writes under a penname.

Inevitably, she meets him in real life and has to confess who she is.

It’s a fun, quick read with an interracial relationship and some complicated stakes.

What I really loved was that the protagonist, Raven, is really quite imperfect and has to own her mistakes and fess up. You see this quite a bit in romance, but it was even more pronounced in this book and I kind of liked that.

You move away from this perfect, innocent, naïve female character into something greater. Which I really loved.

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